About us

Company Philosophy


     Since 1975, Su Zin Industry Co., Ltd.( SU TE) has been engaged in the production of disperser equipment for nearly half a century with through different business transformation.Our products are been mainly applied to the manufacture of reaction tanks.

     We focused on paint mixing machine、high speed mixer、industrial mixers 、mixing tank、paint mixer equipment  and wet bill mill after 1980.  The product of ball mills 、 filters and metallic diaphragm pump successfully help our clients to fulfill its manufacturing requirement in Taiwan market and worldwide. 

     We aimed for diversified development for company strategy and focused on industrial of paint, ink, resin,industrial effluent treatment plant, and cosmetics in the past. We expect to involve in electronic paste, medical equipment, and food manufacturing in the nearly future.

     Su Zin Industry Co., Ltd. produce our equipment with high reliability and provide after sales service to customers.  Meanwhile, the facility could be customized by individual production request to improve its productivity efficiency accordingly.

     We serve all our customers with a spirit of continuous innovation, consistent quality, and a commitment to integrity.

Company History

  • 1975 Founded SUTE
  • 1989 Founded Su Zin Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 2020 SUTE Got The Certification From D-U-N-S